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Hi there! Welcome to the beginnings of the Solis et Lunae Pack. The alphas are currently busy creating the pack, and we will probably be up on WolfQuest in a few weeks or so.

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Welcome to the pack!
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PostSubject: PMotM Privileges   PMotM Privileges Icon_minitimeSun Feb 05, 2012 10:19 pm

PMotM Privileges

~ Yellow colored name, being in the PMotM usergroup for a month
~ An epical avvie made by the epical Diesel
~ Initiation into the Super-Secret-Club-of-Awesomeness (so secret, you've probably never even heard of it...)
~ 20 points added to your skill and trust bars.
~ A pet llama
~ Plus, the chance to win ONE MILLLLLIONNNNNN DOLLARS!

Ha, I jk about that. And the llama. Sadly, no money and or llamas will be earned from this, as great as that would be. However, the PMotM is a pretty big honor - it basically means that you were the most notable member for the month, and the alphas/council think that you deserve the title. Once you have been a PMotM, you can't be it again unless the alphas think you have done something super-mega special. (like FedExed Sesi a unicorn or something) The alphas and council will usually vote on who should be chosen, although nominations can be PMed to myself or Sesi.
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PMotM Privileges
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