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Hi there! Welcome to the beginnings of the Solis et Lunae Pack. The alphas are currently busy creating the pack, and we will probably be up on WolfQuest in a few weeks or so.

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Welcome to the pack!
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Full Ranks

What is it?
A full rank is mainly ceremonial, but it does show that you are a dedicated member to both your rank and your pack. Full ranked members may get certain privledges, as well as some extra points and an icon next to their name on wolfquest. If you are not a fully ranked member, you are still just as much a part of that rank!

How can I earn one?
In your rank's topic, there is an area in which the number of skill points needed to become a "true member" of that rank is listed. This is probably around 50 points, which you can gain through contests, training, and other sorts of activities. They are hard to earn, so when someone does earn one it's a big honor.

What are some of the benefits?
Well, for one it shows that you are a trustworthy member of the pack, and dedicated to your rank. This puts you in good position for leadership jobs, as well as a louder voice in the general pack. When full rankship is obtained, the alphas will usually give a present of some sort to the member.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM an alpha!
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Full Ranks
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